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Picture of me, picture taken 2 June 2019, processed with SuperPhoto and ACDSee.

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Presentation of myself:

My name is (Mr.) Bjørn Roger Rasmussen (ø = oe) and I'm the owner of this page. I was born in 1971, and I am married with Sølvi Myklebust Rasmussen (picture 1/2006 - Sølvi 26 July 2006, picture 2/2003 - we are eating "lutefisk" and picture 3/2003 - The village Flatraket, the place where Sølvi was born).

I grew up in Egersund, the municipality of Eigersund in Rogaland county. Egersund is a little town with about 15 000 inhabitants on the southwest coast of Norway. Many inhabitants have jobs related to fishing, offshore and public services.

In May 2014 we moved to Flatraket, the place where Sølvi comes from. Flatraket is located in Stad kommune (municipality), The Nordfjord district, Vestland county (earlier Sogn og Fjordane county and Selje municipality), Norway. Flatraket is a small village. According to route planner, there are 11 hours and 8 minutes of driving, and a distance of 586 km between Egersund and Flatraket (also some ferries along the way and variable road conditions/standard).

We have adopted a girl from China in 2013 (now in school age), and we are foster parents for a boy (primary school age) too.

BRR logo.
"My" logo BRR - with the initials from my name: Bjørn Roger Rasmussen.

School and work:

In 1990 (autumn) I more or less left Egersund for five years. I moved to the eastern part of Norway to get me an education. I have studied:

  • Economics
  • Computer science/information systems and office automation/office systems as main subject (the postgraduate degree program / master's degree)
  • Science of education
  • I have studied at HiBu Ringerike (Buskerud University College), now with the new name University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) - Campus Ringerike. My unit (campus) was / is situated in Hønefoss (about 50 km from capital city Oslo), Buskerud county, eastern part of Norway. The school (unit Ringerike) offered its students a economic / adminstrative (teacher) education.

    SLHK logo
    National college for teachers of commercial subjects. Later Buskerud University College, today part of University of South-Eastern Norway (USN).

    The college buildings anno 1990
    The college buildings anno 1990.

    Autumn 1995 I began to work full-time. I have worked:

    • At Dalane videregående skole (upper secondary school) as a teacher.
    • At a servicing workshop / shop for computers and electronic equipment (Perrongen Elkjøp).
    • November 1999-May 2014: Computer consultant/advisor in Eigersund kommune (municipality).
    • June 2014-August 2015: Secretary for >Vågsøy kommune (municipality).
    • August 2015-December 2019: Computer consultant/advisor in Vågsøy kommune (municipality).
    • Januar 2020-to date: Computer consultant/advisor in Kinn kommune (municipality), Måløy. (Same job as above, new name at the municipality.)

    Map of Norway, including the places I have lived.
    Map of Norway, including the places I have lived.


    Flatraket, the village where we live today after several years in Egersund:

    Our house, Flatraket
    Our house, Flatraket. Address: Øvregardsbakkane 49, 6717 Flatraket, Norway.

    Our house, Flatraket
    Updated picture of our house after expanding the kitchen (annex). Photo taken 26 July 2023.

    The view from our house, Flatraket.
    The view from our house at Flatraket Flatraket, photo taken 27.06.2015. There have been a few more houses since the photo was taken.

    En liten fjelltur 30.07.2017, Flatraket.
    The small village Flatraket seen from a mountain, 30.07.2017.

    Utsikten fra huset vårt på Flatraket.
    The view from our house, 20.07.2017.

    Utsikten mot bygda fra Storevikshauen, Flatraket.
    The view from the little heap "Storevikshauen", 07.05.2017.

    Sunset seen from our house at Flatraket.
    Sunset seen from our house at Flatraket, 31.05.2015.


    Below you will find some of my interests:

    • Christian work. I belive in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Bible.
    • Computers. I have used my computer equipment quite a lot.
    • Internet, including my blog
    • Photo, with link to my online photo gallery
    • Walking (earlier altso bicycling)

    I'm sorry. All the links above point to Norwegian - only home pages.

    I have access to Internet from my own home. The firm which offer me broadband Internet-access is Enivest. As web hotel and domain provider I use Domeneshop.

    As many of my friends live non-local, I use Internet to keep in touch with them (social networks etc.). I also use Internet to get me new software, listen to music, streaming of video etc..

    My childhood:

    Once upon a time I was a little boy living in Egersund:

    BRR as a little boy. BRR as a little boy. BRR as a little boy.
    Photographer: Aunt Ingfrid Wium.

    More photos from my childhood.
    More photos from my childhood.

    The whole family gathered, consisting of from the left father Robert Rasmussen, mother Signe Bjørg (born Øgrey), me as a little boy being held and my sister Gerd Reidun:

    The Rasmussen family
    The Rasmussen family. The picture must have been taken before the mid 1970s.

    My parents are now dead. Mother died in December 1996 and father died in April 2021.

    The house where I grew up:

    Egebakken 8, Egersund, Norway, early 90's.
    My childhood home, Egebakken 8, Egersund, Norway, analogue photo from the early 1990s.

    Houses and apartments I have lived in.
    Houses and apartments I have lived in.

    Explanation of picture: Hønefoss: Student apartment in Harald Hardrådes gate 23, 3.2 (brick building). Egersund: The childhood home at Egebakken 8 (white house), the bachelor apartment in Damveien 25 (light yellow, self-owned apartment) and the house we built and later sold at Egebakken 6 (yellow / orange house). Also two pictures of today's house at Flatraket (gray).


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